Max Verstappen: "When I have the fastest car again, I'll win another title"

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Max Verstappen: "When I have the fastest car again, I'll win another title"

Max Verstappen has described his vision of the season in which he won his first world title and his relationship with his rival Lewis Hamilton and says he is ready to do the same again if he'll have the fastest car. In his seventh F1 season, Verstappen had a car at his disposal that was constantly able to fight for the podium and win, and in an incredible turnaround in the last race of the season, the Dutchman managed to win the title.

Although Verstappen and Hamilton had difficult moments during the season such as the collisions at Silverstone and Monza, Verstappen says there is still mutual respect. "It was fine in the end," Verstappen said.

"Of course, we had our moments and he could be angry [because of the end of the season], but we also had nice duels. Yes, the last lap [VN Abu Dhabi] certainly hit him, what happened. But we have respect for each other.

" "I am very happy where I am at the moment and I hope we can do this together for the next 10, 15 years." Verstappen also described how he spent emotional moments with his father after finishing the last race.

"When I got out of the car, I saw him quickly," Verstappen said. "Everything came back to me, from the time in karting, when we drove all over Europe and had a dream to enter Formula 1, but also to win the championship."

"It may have taken 30 or 40 seconds, but it was really nice to have a father by my side."

Long-term dream

Verstappen says that he is relieved that he achieved his long-term dream and became a champion, but that he is ready to repeat everything when he has the fastest car again.

“After winning I was relieved because it was always my dream, to win one title, and everything that comes after that is a bonus,” he said. “But I think when we get back to racing when the first race comes, then I will want to win again.

And when I have the fastest car again, I'll do it again. " With this, Max Verstappen showed how motivated he is and how much he wants to succeed. He showed this season how persistent and great a driver he is, but it seemed that it would not pay off. Still, luck is needed in sports, and he had it when it was most needed