Ecclestone: "I don't think Hamilton will be back!"

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Ecclestone: "I don't think Hamilton will be back!"

Amid constant rumors - probably exaggerated - about the imminent withdrawal of Lewis Hamilton, former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone believes the seven-time world champion may not be on the 2022 premier class grid. After the shocking end of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi, rumors are circulating about Hamilton's future, and the Mercedes driver is reportedly so disappointed with the events that marked the last minutes of the race in Yas Marina that he is considering leaving the sport.

There is no tangible evidence to support such a decision by a Briton whose non-attendance at the FIA ​​awards ceremony last week in Paris and prolonged silence sparked a lot of stories. On the one hand, Italian motorsport reported that Hamilton continues to drive in Mercedes, but we did not see some important evidence, while on the other hand, Ecclestone in an interview with Blick assures that the British driver will not continue driving.

Asked if he spoke to Hamilton after the defeat in Abu Dhabi: Ecclestone said: "No, but a few days ago (I talked) with his father." "I immediately felt that he would not answer the question about his son's future.

So we only talked about work! ” "I don't know, but I don't think he'll come back," Bernie added. "His disappointment is too great, and you can understand that somehow." "With seven world titles like Michael Schumacher, now would be the time to go for his dream of becoming a fashion entrepreneur."

New colleagues

Asked if Mercedes would suffer without Hamilton on the grid, Ecclestone continued: "True, but Lewis can only lose in 2022." “Who knows how the new cars will mix the grid. With George Russell, I would get an ambitious teammate, in whom I am not as convinced as many experts."

"Let's not forget Verstappen. With him, after many years, Hamilton finally found an equal opponent. " The former Formula One boss touched on the controversial end of the race in Abu Dhabi and the management undertaken by FIA racing director Michael Masi.

"There were certainly a lot of things that went wrong in the last laps. The race director - Masi - could have saved himself the trouble of stopping the red flag race immediately after Latifi's incident. " “Then it would be a great final between Max and Lewis in the last three laps.

Things really went wrong. We can't change that anymore. " It sounds a bit unbelievable that Hamilton could leave Mercedes, but there is more and more talk about it ...