Marcin Budkowski: 'Alpine must evolve if we want to be better'

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Marcin Budkowski: 'Alpine must evolve if we want to be better'

Alpine CEO Marcin Budkowski says the French team has entered its “most important winter” since Renault returned to the 2016 premier grid. Alpine has fulfilled its goal of finishing in the top five in the constructors' championship this season and has even gone beyond its ambitions by winning the Hungarian Grand Prix race, won by Esteban Ocon.

However, the next six weeks will be crucial for the future of the French manufacturer as they face many challenges with new regulations for next season that require a significantly different car, there are changes in management expected in Enstone based on comments by CEO Laurent Rossi last month.

The Frenchman wants Alpine to continue to break through, not stay ‘stranded’ in the middle of the grid: “It’s not in line with what we want,” Rossi told back in November. "I clearly want the team to fight for the podium and win until the end of the next propositions, ie 2024/2025, depending on where it decides to move to a new regulatory package."

“But to do that, we’re going to have to evolve the team a little bit. In order to move to the next phase and become the best of the top teams, and not just the best of the others, another evolution is needed. ” In addition, there were rumors that longtime Aston Martin boss Otmar Szafnauer would move to the Alps and take on the role of team boss currently held by Davide Brivio, which Szafnauer soon denied.

Budkowski on the situation

But Budkowski, whose current CEO position could also be under review, wants Alpine to focus this winter on the work ahead, rather than a whirlwind of speculation about its management structure.

“A lot is happening for next year, and this is probably the most important winter for this team since Renault came back,” Budkowski said. “It is the first car we design under a limited budget. We are not on top with the budget, we are below - so it doesn't really affect us, but it affects our competition.

" “Relatively speaking, it gives us a better platform, a better position, and a reset of some areas of a team that works much better. I am excited to see what he will do, ”he added. “Therefore, I think at this stage this should be the focus of the team.

As part of the top management on the team, my role is to protect the team from rumors. ” "I really want people to talk over the coffee machine about how to speed up the car, not what anyone is doing or what the steering structure would look like," Budkowski concluded.