Christian Horner stays in Red Bull for at least another 5 years

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Christian Horner stays in Red Bull for at least another 5 years

Red Bull boss Christian Horner should remain as the main man of the Austrian team at least until 2026, after the contract extension agreement. Horner joined Red Bull as head of the team in 2005 when the company came to Formula 1 with its own team, and since then they have won five titles in the Driving Championship and four in the Design Championship.

The last title arrived a little earlier this month when Max Verstappen won the title in the last round of the season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, defeating Lewis Hamilton. As Red Bull strives to maintain the foundations of its team, it now turns out that Horner has already signed a contract extension, meaning he will continue as chief executive until the next generation of powertrains is introduced in 2026.

Speaking to Servus TV in a joint interview with Verstappen, Marko said that the partnership he made with Horner "works very well", and that Red Bull decided to extend his contract before Verstappen. "Christian is the head of the team, he is in public, and I am more in the background," said Marko.

Marko on Horner

"But we coordinate things quite well, we have determined the direction of the team, but also our staff. In political matters, we usually speak the same language and I believe that our success proves that we are right.

" "(Red Bull owner" Dietrich Mateschitz said, who is Christian? Initially because Christian had no experience in Formula 1. But I already knew him from Formula 3000 and other younger categories, and I knew about his ambitions and skills.

It developed into something big. " "He's a charismatic team boss who even before you (Verstappen) - was in the process of extending his contract until 2026." "Within the whole team, or at least in the top positions, we want to have stability for the coming transition years, when new engine regulations come in and new chassis regulations come in, so we have a solid team for that."

Earlier Red Bull sources confirmed that Horner's contract extension has already been signed, making him a long-term commitment with this team. The next big deal Red Bull will renew is Max Verstappen, and his current contract expires in late 2023.

The new Formula One champion briefly commented on the fact that Hamilton's contract with Mercedes also expires at the end of 2023, saying: "I don't really care what happens on the other side." Horner is someone we can't imagine Red Bull without and this will be great news for their team