Valteri Bottas did not reach his goal in Mercedes

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Valteri Bottas did not reach his goal in Mercedes

Despite many positive things, Valtteri Bottas has mixed feelings about leaving Mercedes because he failed to become world champion. The Finn joined the German team two months before the start of the 2017 season, following the shocking withdrawal of Nico Rosberg from Formula 1, and remained there until the end of this year.

In those five seasons, Valtteri participated in winning five design titles (out of 8) for Mercedes. He managed to reach 10 wins, 20 pole positions and a total of 58 podiums. However, he never managed to achieve his intention to win the title - something that was his primary goal when he joined the Silver Arrows of Williams.

As a result, his feelings are "mixed" after five seasons with the German team, but he tries to focus on positive things. “Obviously, when I joined the team in 2017 the only thing I had in mind was to win the driving championship,” Bottas says.

"That didn't happen. I have progressed a lot as a driver and as a human being. I learned a lot with the team, and in fact we achieved pretty cool things together, ”he added. “It’s also a lot of positive things that I’m going to consider.

I don't think you're ever completely happy with this sport. But I think I have achieved something in five years, and I am sure it will help me in the future. "

Constructor title

Although he never won a driving championship, his performance was good enough to ensure he won the constructors ’title all the years since he came to Mercedes, beating Ferrari and Red Bull.

This, like the help he provided to team-mate Lewis Hamilton when the Briton was battling for the titles, is largely the reason he has kept his place for so long, and he is proud to have been an effective team player. "It's simply a team sport," he explains.

"We should always work together on this goal, which we set at the beginning of the year. Together you are much stronger than alone. ” The best example of this is the performance of Checo Perez in the last race of the season, when he helped his colleague Max Verstappen to reduce the gap behind Hamilton “You get support from your teammates, and you also support your teammates.

It's just how it goes, and if each member of the team puts in even one percent more effort, and it's 100 people, that's another 100 percent, so that makes a difference, ”concluded Bottas.