Carlos Sainz gets a multi-year contract at Ferrari

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Carlos Sainz gets a multi-year contract at Ferrari

The Spanish driver and Ferrari intend to leave everything well tied before the first race of the 2022 season. The new contract should be by the end of 2024, reports the Spanish Marca, and the same is transmitted by Sky Italia.

Even before the final race in Abu Dhabi, with Carlos Sainz’s fourth podium and his fifth place in the 2021 drivers ’championship, Ferrari had a firm intention to sit down and talk during the winter. On the table is the renewal, ie the extension of the original contract, which could last until the end of 2024.

In reality, that fact is not clear yet, and both sides are silent and no one is saying anything about how the original agreement was agreed, which was signed in the middle of the 2020 pandemic. The Spaniard’s contribution has been crucial throughout the season to get Ferrari back into the top 3 constructors ’championship teams, beating McLaren, something that seemed impossible in September, when the Woking team left Monza with 1-2 positions (wins) for Ricciardo and Norris .

But Sainz then won two podiums (Turkey and Abu Dhabi), for a total of four. In addition to keeping McLaren away during qualifying, his consistency with 22 races completed (29 adding the last seven in 2020 with McLaren) and 20 of them in points marks the ability to manage races: something Ferrari demanded with his arrival.


This is not the first time the team has immediately noticed Sainz’s boost in the final season. Since 2018, when he arrived at Renault, the Spanish driver has been making progress as the French manufacturer has reached 4th place and has doubled the points compared to 2017.

McLaren also came in 6th to fourth place in 2019, where they more than doubled their scoring status, while in 2020, with a limited Renault engine, they finished in 3rd place in the design championship. Ferrari broke into 3rd place in the sixth and doubled the points Coming to the Italian team again makes a real feat because the team was in 6th place in 2020, but finished the 2021 season in third, and this time they won three times more points than last year.

The Italian team is eager to win races and win the title. The goal is to return to the leading positions in the 2022 season. Sainz is a driver who improves the car, asks for the maximum from a teammate, and has incredible feedback.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Ferrari is preparing to extend its contract with Carlos! Ferrari will start the new season much more seriously, with greater ambitions, although we must admit that these seasons were phenomenal when it was most needed, and obviously have great quality, but it takes a lot of effort and work