Ferrari from next season with a new simulator

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Ferrari from next season with a new simulator

Ferrari will soon start using a completely new generation of simulators that will help them more accurately predict the behavior of their cars and find better settings before and during the racing weekend, which will be especially important with brand new cars for 2022.

Ferrari announced in the summer that they had completed the construction of the latest simulator in Fiorano, which lasted about two years and was developed for the Italian team by the British company Dynisma. Although construction of the simulator is complete, Ferrari says they will start using it at full capacity early next year after working on calibration in recent weeks and using it for the first time during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

It is obvious that all this is in the process of preparation and that they still do not know what the outcome will be and the results “We started using it with our drivers in September, but it takes a month, two, three to check the results,” said Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies in Abu Dhabi.

"I think Mattia said we used it for the first time last racing weekend [in Saudi Arabia]." "That doesn't mean the correlation is over, it's part of a cycle to get to a very specific point with the data."

“But is it really working at full speed? Not. When will he? Probably in the early months of next year. ” “Is it already at full potential? Not at all. But from a resource perspective, we don't want to stay in transition for too long.



Obviously it takes some time and Ferrari doesn't want to stare at its decisions. They definitely plan to work on the car and create a model that can match everyone. Binotto obviously has some more plans that Ferrari could realize "That's why we switched a bit to the new one, because even though it's not 100% yet, a lot of energy is spent switching from one simulator to another."

"But yes, the transition must exist, the time period in which we use both simulators." Ferrari had a much better season this year after finishing sixth in 2020 and finished third in the standings ahead of McLaren with 323.5 points which is 64.19% of the points they won in 2019.

They have shown that they can certainly compete for the top of the table, and that they can achieve a lot with hard work. We will see if next season it will have the capacity for something more, ie for the very top of the table