Max does not feel sorry for Hamilton: ‘He won the 2008 title in an identical way'

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Max does not feel sorry for Hamilton: ‘He won the 2008 title in an identical way'

Max Verstappen says that he does not feel sorry for Lewis Hamilton because of the circumstances in which he lost the fight for the title, because he also won his first title in 2008 and believes that there is no reason not to continue his career in Formula 1.

Hamilton lost the lead that led him to the title in the last round of the last race of the championship, and after several days of media silence by Mercedes, their team boss Toto Wolff finally addressed the public on Thursday.

Hamilton and Wolff missed the FIA’s annual awards ceremony in Paris in which Verstappen won his trophy for the title, and Wolff said he feared a disappointed Hamilton might not continue his F1 career. Although he understands Hamilton's disappointment, Verstappen says he is not sorry because it is also part of the race and that he should understand the situation given how he won his first title in 2008.

"I'm not sorry, but I understand, of course, that it can be very painful," Verstappen said. “But at the end of the day, it’s also racing. You have to keep fighting to the end. As you know, anything can happen in a race.

” "And he won the title that way. So I think he can understand that too. ”


Verstappen empathizes in a certain way and is aware that it is not easy to lose the title in such a way, but Hamilton has a lot of success behind him, so this way of losing the title should not affect him so negatively.

8 titles is no small thing, and he still has a chance to increase the number of his titles. "Of course, I can understand that in the first few days after such a race you are not happy." "But you also have to understand, as I said, that it's racing and things like that can happen to you."

"I think he should look back on what he has already achieved. That should comfort him and give him the motivation to continue because he is still trying to win that eighth title. ” "It's sure he can achieve it next year.

So I don't see why I should stop now. " We can't imagine how exciting next season will be and how hard the teams will work. For a long time we have not watched such an interesting rivalry as between Mercedes and Red Bull. Next year will certainly be a lot of scandals and a lot of controversial races that we can not wait.