Sulayem: "I will not forgive Hamilton if he really broke the rules"

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Sulayem: "I will not forgive Hamilton if he really broke the rules"

New FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem says he will not be able to be forgive to Hamilton if he is found to have broken Formula One rules by missing the awards ceremony. In light of the controversy over the safety car at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that left some unresolved, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff decided to miss the FIA ​​awards ceremony in Paris.

The seven-time world champion, who finished second in the drivers ’championship for the 2021 season, violated the rule of propositions set out in the regulations. Article 6.6 of the F1 Sports Regulations states: "Drivers who finish first, second and third in the championship must be present at the FIA's annual awards ceremony."

One of Sulayem’s first responsibilities since the takeover will be to assess whether Hamilton’s absence from the event is against the regulations. Speaking about the situation at his first official press conference with the president, Sulayem said: "After all, rules are rules."

“So we will examine where technical rules are needed for implementation and whether he has violated? I have to investigate that. " “Of course, we will also have to follow our rules. But in the meantime, that doesn't stop us from feeling good in sports.

" “It’s easy to be nice to people and it’s cheap to be nice and also motivate people. But definitely, if there is an injury, there is no forgiveness in this, "he said.


Sulayem said it was crucial for the FIA ​​to figure out whether Hamilton had broken the regulations or not.

Asked to clarify whether he could really rule out any “forgiveness,” Sulayem said, “Forgiveness is always there, but rules are rules. We are watching the rules. ” "I always say: rules are not created.

Someone made them and people can improve and change them. So the rules are there to improve. ”
Sulayem is aware that the way Hamilton lost the title is not easy at all, but that some things still have to be respected “I know Lewis is really sad about what happened and in one word I would say he is broken.

But we have to see if there have been any violations (rules). " "I can't (for now). It's only been a few hours since I've been president and I'm just starting to give answers without going back to the facts, "concluded the new FIA president. Apparently, Sulayem could set himself up as an authority and someone to respect