Verstappen: "Without Checo Perez I wouldn't have won the title"

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Verstappen: "Without Checo Perez I wouldn't have won the title"

The new world champion, Max Verstappen, praised his teammate Sergio Perez for what he did last Sunday, and Max says Perez is an amazing man because he would not be in the first place. without him. The other Red Bull driver was the producer of one of the very important moments in deciding the title for the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi when he embarked on a tough fight with Lewis Hamilton.

With his defense and attack on the seven-time world champion, he contributed to Verstappen getting closer to both drivers - which was very important in those moments for the Dutchman. It was a solid defense as Perez was the leader of the race in six laps at last week’s race on the Yas Marina track.

The Mexican, who was out of place in late 2020 before joining Red Bull as Verstappen’s teammate this year, stopped Hamilton’s progress in the epic duel during the 20th round. The Dutch driver praised the extraordinary effort of his teammate who helped him open the door to victory as he assures that he would not be sitting in the winning spot.

"I don't think I would be sitting here without Checo because then we would be left behind by going to the pits with a safety car and so on, so Checo was driving amazing today," Verstappen told a news conference in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

Max on his teammate

The Red Bull driver added that he hopes Perez will be his teammate for many years to come because the Mexican is an amazing man. "Of course, when we started working together, it's hard to know exactly how it will work.

But… Checo is an amazing man, ”he praised him. "Not only for work in F1, but also a super nice person, a real family man. "I'm having a really good time with him, and you can see that he really thinks it.

He thinks good. It is very rare to have such a teammate and what he showed today, he was a true teammate." "I really hope that we will continue like this for a long time to come, "concluded Max Verstappen. And indeed, if Perez wasn't amazing as he was, it would have been difficult for Verstappen to reach his first title, and the teamwork of the Red Bull, who showed togetherness when it was most needed, must be praised.

Max will certainly never forget this service, but F1 fans will hardly forget one of the most exciting seasons ever, if not the best.