Jean Todt: Verstappen got what he deserved

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Jean Todt: Verstappen got what he deserved

Jean Todt says new Formula One world champion Max Verstappen deserved to win this year’s title because he had several weird situations during the season that prevented him from reaching the title earlier. Max Verstappen officially received the trophy yesterday - which made his first career title official.

The Dutchman achieved this at last week's race in Abu Dhabi. It was this racing weekend that caused a lot of controversy because Mercedes did not think that the Red Bull driver won the title in a ‘normal’ way.

Hamilton and Verstappen arrived at Yas Marin equal in points, but the momentum was on the side of the seven-time world champion who came out the winner in the last three races, but the Red Bull driver had one victory more.

The first problematic situation in the race was seen when Hamilton brilliantly overtook Verstappen at the start. Max soon returns it to him because he briefly overtook him during the attack. Still, Hamilton cuts the turn and stays ahead.

Red Bull expected a return to the position, but the race management said there was no need to review the situation as everything was clean. The Briton soon made a more noticeable difference, which lasted until the 53rd lap.

Williams' Latifi is having an incident that puts a safety car on the track. Verstappen uses this opportunity and goes for new tires because he had an advantage on them at the new ‘start’. However, the FIA ​​first made it clear that drivers were not allowed to return to their positions when they went to the pits.

Soon change came and Verstappen found himself behind Hamilton.

Todt on Max

After the departure of SC, he soon attacked the driver of the Mercedes and thus came to victory and the title. Todt, who said goodbye last night, claims that Verstappen deserved what he received - the title.

The former Ferrari boss adds that the Red Bull driver had a great season, and although he was lucky in the last lap on the Yas Marina track, he added unfortunate circumstances from Silverstone, Azerbaijan and Budapest. "I think he's getting what he deserves," Todt said.

"He had a great season. It’s human, you know, to focus on the last lap. It is true that he was very lucky in the last lap(Abu Dhabi), "he added "But you should watch the whole season. Was he lucky in Silverstone? Was he lucky in Azerbaijan? Was he lucky in Budapest? He didn't have a luck there!" “After what will be remembered as one of the most interesting title duels in the history of motorsport between two top drivers with Lewis Hamilton, (it is yes) Formula 1 has a new champion. Congratulations to Max Verstappen. "