Vettel in the Aston Martin team

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Vettel in the Aston Martin team

Vettel is likely to change the organization after some time. The results he has achieved this season with Ferrari are not what Vettel is used to, so it looks like the next step in his career will be the Racing Point team.

Racing Point team boss Szafnauer said: "He's 33 years old, he's still in the prime of his career. He's got a vast amount of experience, he's still highly motivated to do well." , as quoted by skysports "He works really hard and we believe with our team, what we want to take it to, and the level that we want to get to - Seb's a perfect fit for that.

"I'm confident that he'll race well."

Vettel and Perez's contract

Vettel will replace Perez and he is able to do so because of Perez's contract "He's a young man at 21 years old and yes, his father does own the team," said Szafnauer.

"So when we look to make a driver change, because Sebastian became available, it would have been Checo. "There were options in his contract and those options didn't exist for Lance." Matia Binotto is grateful to Vettel for everything and believes he will be as good at Aston Martin as he was at Ferrari "We told him very early in the season that we will not renew ourselves," said Ferrari's Mattia Binotto.

"I think it was important for us to give him time and find a seat, and he did it. "I'm very happy for him. Very happy for him as a driver, as a person, and happy for Formula 1 because it is great to keep a four-time world champion.

So I think it's a great result. It's great for him." He continued: "Will he do well in Aston Martin? I think yes, I hope he's doing well, certainly. I think we can challenge him next year and hopefully we'll be ahead."

Totto Wolf also thinks that Vettel will be great in the Aston Martin team and that it is good to stay in the world of Formula1 "I think it's great," he told Sky F1. "I have three shares of Aston Martin so from that perspective it's great!

The German market is the second most important market. "I think it's great for Formula 1 that Seb stays, he's the second most important driver of this decade. And it's important for Formula 1 that someone like Sebastian who is in prime here doesn't leave.

"And from the other perspective, he's going to bring a tremendous amount of knowledge to Aston Martin, with Lance who is really improving and improving, he's at a super level now