Shocking: Max Verstappen had a cramp in the last lap!

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Shocking: Max Verstappen had a cramp in the last lap!

Max Verstappen revealed that he had a massive cramp in his right leg with which he pressed the accelerator pedal during the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Dutchman struggled with his biggest title rival Lewis Hamilton with a painful feeling, but explains that he was brave enough to continue the race to the end giving his best.

The 2021 season was decided in the last round of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which is impossible to forget. Verstappen and Hamilton put everything at stake in the last five and a half kilometers on the Yas Marina track, because the stakes were high: the titles they won in the last season of the hybrid era.

Two contenders for the title faced those final meters in a completely different way: Max, in attack with a fresh set of soft tires; Lewis, on defense, with a set of pretty worn out hard tires - over 40 laps.

Physical problem

Although Verstappen had an advantage with his new tires, he had to face a physical problem.

The Red Bull driver experienced a cramp in his right leg just as he was heading to the last lap. Despite this, he managed to overtake his rival to win the race and become world champion. “It was funny that I was so close and I had a big leg cramp during the last lap.

On the way, when I was drivinfg at full speed and moving, I had a massive cramp." "I made a move to overtake Lewis, and then I had two more straights. It was really not pleasant, "Verstappen said in an interview with Formula 1.

The Red Bull driver adds that he was happy when he came to the turn (number 5) where he could rest his right leg: “In fact, I was happy in turn five. There was braking, so I could move my foot off the accelerator! ”He continued.

Adrenaline is often a good way to relieve pain, and that helped Verstappen in the last and final turn. The Dutchman was encouraged all the time that he had to continue. "I was biting my teeth, saying: come on, come on, because it was very painful.

I had (cramp) a second time, but it's not a pleasant situation. Faced with an opportunity like this, you just have to fight it, "concluded Max Verstappen. It’s fascinating what kind of things can happen, and indeed this finale will be a topic for years to come