Jos Verstappen: "Max deserved the title"

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Jos Verstappen: "Max deserved the title"

The 2021 season will be a season that we will hardly forget, considering that we did not know the winner until the very end. Both drivers had the same number of points, but Verstappen took advantage of the ‘service’ from Latifi and ultimately won the title he had wanted for so long.

His father, Jos Verstappen, who also used to drive in F1, was his biggest support Jos Verstappen was clear that his son Max Verstappen would take every small opportunity he was given to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and with the title in the 2021 season.

The Dutchman is extremely pleased with the way his son went through the finished season in which he achieved fame in an epic way after 22 races. He had never doubted Max when it came to the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and he knew he would take the slightest opportunity to overtake Lewis Hamilton and win the title.

Jos on the race

The father of the Red Bull driver notes that it was a very exciting ending, and claims that his son’s season, in general, has been extremely positive. "You have to look at the season as a whole, and I think he did a great job.

It was a very exciting ending, especially the last lap. We knew that if he had the chance, he would go for the win. He did that. He deserved this title, "said Verstappen. He further explains that Max did not face the last race in the same way as in the previous ones, but notes that he never allowed the pressure to affect him.

When it came down to it, he was true to his style, going for the overtaking in the final lap that brought him his first Formula One title. "I was a little more tense than in a normal race, but I had everything under control.

He seemed to be the same, as soon as he saw the backlog, he went for it. That's the way he always did it, and that brought him the title, "concluded Jos. Verstappen came away with his tenth victory in Abu Dhabi in the 2021 season, his 20th in his Formula One career.

The Red Bull driver defeated Hamilton in one of the epic fights not seen in recent years on the refurbished Yas Marina track. We hope that the next season will be equally interesting, because this is definitely what we wanted