Max Verstappen: "It was madness, but we deserve it!"

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Max Verstappen: "It was madness, but we deserve it!"

Max Verstappen won the Yas Marina race on the last lap, taking his first F1 world championship. After the extraordinary victory, he said: "It's incredible, guys, a crazy emotion: I tried it the whole race, I had the opportunity on the last lap and it went well.

I also have a cramp, it was crazy, a crazy thing: I have almost no words. In turns 2 and 3 I had a bit of relief because I moved my foot, then on the straight a terrible pain, but I had to push hard. My team deserves it, it was great to work with them, I'm fine here I would like to stay with Red Bull for another 15 years, my whole life finally a bit of luck for me too.

I want to thank Perez who has done a great team work, truly incredible. My goal from an early age it was to be here, then when you experience a similar emotion in the first person it is incredible: now you remember all the past years, the trips made, the sacrifices faced and also all the people who supported me in my path from karts up to now.

This title does not change the way I am, I have achieved everything I could in F1, so whatever comes from now on will be all a bonus. Then winning here, in this crazy way, with my father, my girlfriend, my manager here and so many friends was very special.

Lewis is a fantastic driver, he was an extraordinary opponent, today he could go one way or another, the sport is made up of moments like this, even hard and difficult, I guess, but we are ready to repeat ourselves next year.

We pushed ourselves to the maximum this year, we had a season at the maximum, of the highest quality. Overtaking? I made my trajectory, Lewis took advantage of the escape route, nothing happened and at that point I didn't think about it anymore, I was focused on making my run.

The Safety Car? When she entered we put the soft spots to try everything, in my opinion the entrance was obvious and it was right given the situation, then sometimes it can go in your favor, sometimes against but the Safety in that circumstance was right."

Below you can watch the tweet with celebrate Max Verstappen's wins of the 2021 F1 World Championships.