Max Verstappen shocked by the outcome: "I felt very nervous!"

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Max Verstappen shocked by the outcome: "I felt very nervous!"

The Dutchman announced that he wants to stay at Red Bull until the end of his career Season we will remember! The titanic clash between Luis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was resolved in the last lap of the last race and the Dutchman won the first title of his career.

Even Verstappen couldn't believe what happened to him after the race ... "Unbelievable! Crazy! I don't know what to say ... Luck looked at me. I also want to thank Checo Perez, who was a fantastic teammate." "Everything was decided in the last round.

Madness! When you welcome a day like this, the nervousness is huge. I tried to believe even when things looked really bad." "Miracles happen sometimes. Lewis is a great driver and a fierce competitor. He is part of the history of this sport.

But we all want to win." "We will return next year with the same desire and try to repeat this success. I want to stay at Red Bull for the rest of my career. I see no reason to change this great team," Max Verstappen said after the race.

He became the first Dutchman with the title of the fastest driver in the world. "As a boy, I dreamed of driving in Formula 1. And now I'm standing here, playing the Dutch national anthem and listening to them say to me: 'You are the world champion'!" The whole past passed before my eyes.

All those years where I worked a lot with my father to get to this. An incredible feeling. "

He praised Lewis

Lewis Hamilton congratulated the sportsman after the race. "First of all, I want to congratulate Max and his team.

I think we as a team have done a huge job this year as well. This has been the hardest season for me." "I am very proud of my team and grateful to be a part of their story. We absolutely did our best, we never gave up and that is the most important thing.

I have felt great in recent months," said the Briton. Who could have expected such an outcome after a bad start of Verstappen. We were aware that an exciting race awaited us, but indeed this is perhaps the most interesting season in the history of F1.

Throughout the season we watched two drivers dominate, and it’s strange to see anyone else on the throne other than Hamilton The goal will be the same next year, and that is the title!