Verstappen: "The duel with Lewis Hamilton will go down in history"

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Verstappen: "The duel with Lewis Hamilton will go down in history"

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will start from the first two positions in the Abu Dhabi GP, the last race of the 2021 F1 World Championship. It was an extraordinary season, and the duel between the two drivers will go down in history, as confirmed by Verstappen himself in the press conference.

In fact he said: "The team did a fantastic job, it's a great feeling this pole. The car has improved gradually, we've had a weekend of ups and downs so far but the pole is fantastic. Even if the most important thing is the race: I have friends and family with me, the best I could hope for, I will concentrate on the race but I will not do anything different than usual.

In FP3 I changed something on the rear to improve the balance, it went well. Possibility of accidents in the race "I have always said that we drivers race to go as fast as possible. The relationship with Lewis Hamilton? We have pushed each other to the limit this year, we have two very strong teams and each one has given their all.

I think some controversies are also defensive strategies. , they are different and fit. This season, the fight between us, will be remembered for many years, I'm sure. Thanks to Sergio Perez, he is the best teammate I have had, he was a fundamental pole, he helped me and it is a pleasure to work with him."

Lewis Hamilton replied to his rival: "I completely agree with Max, it's a great battle and I'm grateful to be able to play it. I have a great team behind me, we've pushed each other to the limit and I hope there will be more seasons in the future like that.

2021 like 2016? No, they are completely different situations, I have more experience and everything is different. The tension is not comparable. For me Max's ride was unbeatable; but I'm second and with medium tires, in my opinion they are the best compounds, maybe you will be able to do a long run even with the soft ones but for me the yellow ones are the best choice.

We will see in the race, it will be interesting to understand how they will behave. Why hasn't Mercedes adopted the same strategy as Red Bull? Well, we haven't talked about it, with Bottas or the team we had decided and went our own way. I'm not starting on pole, Verstappen was unstoppable, but I'm still in a good position for the race."