Lewis Hamilton: "It's going to be very tight"

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Lewis Hamilton: "It's going to be very tight"

Lewis Hamilton expects very close qualifiers between Mercedes and Red Bull. The Briton is clear that everything will be very close between the first two teams, and in order to beat Max Verstappen and reach the pole position, he must do everything perfectly on the Yas Marina track.

The seven-time world champion claims it was a good day and is pleased with the changes the organization has made on the track, as it is now a more fluid lap where overtaking will be easier. However, the Mercedes driver believes that tomorrow everything will be close between them and Red Bull, as it was in Saudi Arabia and in previous races.

“It was a decent day, I liked the changes they made in the laps, they made it more fluid and I enjoyed it more. It is obvious that everything will be close between us in terms of pace, and I am sure that tomorrow will be close, as it was in previous races, "Hamilton admitted after free practice in Abu Dhabi.

On the other hand, Briton explains that the changes made after the first session worked well, although during the race simulation he realized that it will not be easy to follow the car in front, which will give greater value to the pole position.

Free practice

Overall, everything went well, but today they will have to improve in many aspects. "The feeling of the car was not bad. We had a good pace in the first free practice, but then we got worse in the final part of the training." "In the second free practice, we were better after some changes, and now it's time to look at the data and see how we can improve, "he added.

"In the race simulation, I tried to follow the cars in front and it was not easy, although it should be easier than before. Overall, I felt good, and we took a good step forward in terms of settings" " We will try to improve and come back stronger today, "Hamilton concluded.

We can only imagine how tense they feel in both teams and how difficult these moments will be for them, given that the final race will decide the final champion. Both drivers have the same number of points, and this will be the last test before the final race in which anything is possible.

Tomorrow we can expect anything and everything, and there may be incidents. The question is who will cope better with the pressure? Hamilton or Verstappen?