Max Verstappen: "That will be an exciting race"

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Max Verstappen: "That will be an exciting race"

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen says his team will do their best in Abu Dhabi to end the 2021 season with the title won. The Dutchman enters the last race weekend as the leader of the drivers' championship. Although Verstappen and Hamilton have 369.5 points each next to their name, the 24-year-old has nine wins, while the Briton has recorded eight.

The stakes on the Yas Marina Bay track are extremely high. The Red Bull driver wants to break the dominance of Mercedes and thus become the first, who is not from the German team, to have won the title since the beginning of the hybrid era (2014).

On the other hand, Hamilton wants to win another title right at the end of this era. The British driver has won six of them so far (not counting McLaren), which would be his seventh with Mercedes, and a record eighth in his career.

Precisely because of such statistics, the last race of the season will be something that has not been seen since 47 years ago, that two drivers enter equal in points and that the last passage to the finish line brings the title.


Verstappen is aware that they have had a lot of wins in the 2021 season in which they are significantly more competitive than last year, so as a team they can be proud of what they have achieved so far. The driver of the Austrian team assures that as a team he will do his best to win the title in the last race of the season and thus finish this year in the best possible way.

"We had a lot of victories and good moments this year, and in general we were much more competitive compared to the years before," explains Verstappen. "Therefore, as a team, we can be very happy with what we have achieved this season."

It hasn't been this exciting before the end of the season, because both teams have the same number of points, and we can expect everything in the last race. "We are tied in points, and I know that as a team we will do our best (to do our best) to win this championship.

This will be an exciting race, and we want to end the season in the best possible way, "concluded the Red Bull driver. Some doubt that Verstappen will cause a collision, while some believe that everything will end in fair play. It remains to be seen ..