Jos Verstappen: ‘I respect Hamilton as a driver, but the rest..nothing’

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Jos Verstappen: ‘I respect Hamilton as a driver, but the rest..nothing’
Jos Verstappen: ‘I respect Hamilton as a driver, but the rest..nothing’ (Provided by Sport World News)

Jos Verstappen says he respects Lewis Hamilton as a driver, but other than that there is nothing positive to say about Mercedes. The seven-time world champion and Max Verstappen are fighting for the title throughout the season, and they are entering the last race of the season for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with the same number of points.

Although the Red Bull and Mercedes drivers had several incidents on the track, most recently at the Saudi Grand Prix, they did not clash significantly outside of their cars. However, Verstappen's father says they have nothing to do with Hamilton, whom he believes is not as friendly as other drivers and is "in his own world".

"I never talk to Lewis. He doesn't have to talk to me. I'm nothing to him. I respect him as a driver, but nothing else, ”says Jos Verstappen. “Max and Lewis only talk on the podium, very little. When I see Max with other drivers, I think they get along very well.

But with Lewis, nothing. Lewis is in his world, "he added. "I've been in F1 - I've been nowhere compared to Max - but I'm talking to some of the drivers and they're all very friendly, or they just say hello or whatever. We are on the plane many times together, always the same group of drivers and we have a good time.

" "But there are some drivers who don't look at you, who look at the ground."

Friendly mood

Hamilton this season wants to become the first driver ever to win eight World Championships, currently sharing a record of seven with Michael Schumacher.

Verstappen competed with the German in Formula 1 but claims that at least far from the paddock he was quite different from Hamilton because he was in a friendly mood with other drivers. "Michael and I had good contact," he added.

"We met in person. He has changed a bit on the track, but he would still be in a friendly mood. " “Lewis does it in his own way, which you can’t say is wrong because he wins a lot. Yes, he had teammates, but he was in the right environment.

He made the right decision to go to Mercedes and has had the fastest car for a long time. " "He is good, for sure. I respect him as a driver. The rest, ”Jos Verstappen told the Daily Maily Surely no one would be happier than Max and Jos if Verstappen wins the title