Herbert believes Max could cause an accident to win the title

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Herbert believes Max could cause an accident to win the title

Former Formula One driver Johnny Herbert says only Max Verstappen would be willing to provoke an incident that could decide his title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, given he has an advantage in wins. Lewis Hamilton tied the score with Verstappen after his third consecutive victory in Saudi Arabia - a controversial duel that involved several close wheel-to-wheel fights and collisions.

However, Verstappen has more wins than Hamilton during the season so far (9: 8), which means he will win the title if they remain tied in points at the end of Sunday's final. Hamilton commented on the score after the race in Jeddah, commenting that "it doesn't matter to him if we both don't finish", while "it's important for me to finish both (races)"

Verstappen also highlighted his "advantage" in terms of winning races in an interview with Sky Sports, adding that the weekend would be "exciting" Herbert pointed to the prospect of Verstappen taking matters into his own hands in deciding on the title, although he hopes the two candidates will keep their fight clean.

"Max said something (which) I also think is very convincing, where he somehow said: I still have the advantage of having more wins," Herbert told Sky Sports. “That means they both can’t finish (the race) for Max to win the title, so it was very interesting.

I don't want to see a decided championship, so one of the drivers knocks out the other, and it will only be Max - because of that comment he mentioned (that) he has a winning advantage in those races, "he added.

10-second penalty

The former F1 driver also revealed his opinion on the Verstappen-Hamilton clash at the Saudi Grand Prix, when the Dutchman slowed to give his position after overtaking but was later given a 10-second penalty for the way he did it.

“I remember sending a message to Damon Hill at the time and in a way saying,‘ He tested his brakes. It’s a thing you don’t do as a Formula 1 race driver, or any race driver, to be perfectly honest, ”he explains.

Herbert believes Verstappen’s actions over the past weekend highlight how far he is willing to go to win his first title and prevent Hamilton from securing a record eighth title. "What a final race ahead of us, because this is far from the end.

I think it just shows what Max is willing to do to try to win this championship. " "I agree with Lewis. Although I love Max for what he does on the racetrack, he really pushes the boundaries, and sometimes too much, ”concluded Johnny Herbert.