Toto Wolff believes the season could end with a crash

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Toto Wolff believes the season could end with a crash

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff fears that this year's champion could decide in a 'messy' way with a collision if Formula 1 does not learn lessons from the Saudi Arabian GP. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton enter the last, decisive race of the season in Abu Dhabi with the same number of points after Hamilton's victory at the controversial Saudi Arabian GP.

The rivalry between the two drivers escalated as the season progressed, and only in Jeddah, they have a few incidents, for which Verstappen received two-time penalties. This has raised suspicions that this year's champion could be decided in a controversial way.

"I hope that the race will have enough consequences, that everyone will learn lessons, that lessons will be learned, and that everyone will adjust for the last race in Abu Dhabi." "I think a similar way of driving will be punished in Abu Dhabi if the referees decide to cross the border.

" "That (title fight) could end in a 'messy' situation. I don't think this championship deserves a result that will be affected by the collision. In that case, I will have to rely on a self-regulatory system, "Wolff said.

During the season, Verstappen and Hamilton had several incidents. Hamilton was penalized in Silverstone after ‘launching’ Verstappen into the barriers, while Verstappen was punished in Monza after causing a collision that led to the withdrawal of both drivers in Italy.

Abu Dhabi

There have been cases where both drivers have gone unpunished, such as Verstappen in Brazil or Hamilton in Saudi Arabia — both have pushed each other off the track on several occasions. "I have already said in Brazil that we are setting a precedent if such things are not investigated so that the championship could end in an ugly way."

"And here (Jeddah) we have seen a repeat of the incident from Brazil, but at lower speeds, and we do not want that in Abu Dhabi. " "A faster car with a faster driver should win the title, not throw each other out of the race," Wolff said.

In the event that Verstappen and Hamilton do not finish the race in Abu Dhabi, Verstappen becomes the champion because he has more wins — 9 versus Hamilton's 8. Never a more exciting ending, and we will probably all be at the end of TV and watching perhaps the most interesting season in the last couple of years. Will Verstappen break Hamilton's dominance?