Hamilton on Verstappen: "He thinks the rules don’t apply to him"

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Hamilton on Verstappen: "He thinks the rules don’t apply to him"

Lewis Hamilton says Max Verstappen is driving “across borders” and doesn’t believe the rules apply to him, following another clash that could have cost him a place in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Hamilton and Verstappen enter the final race of the season tied in the points standings, making the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix an event in which the winner comes to a much-coveted title in the 2021 season.

To reach that tie, the seven-time world champion won the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix with a bonus point for the fastest lap, while the Red Bull driver finished in second place. However, there were controversial situations during the race, and this was especially true when they clashed in the 38th lap, something that caused a lot of controversy and penalties that the Dutchman received.

Since Verstappen overtook Hamilton off the track, he soon received a message from his team to slow down and miss the Mercedes driver, there was an unresolved situation. Hamilton didn't seem to be aware that Verstappen was slowing down, and eventually crashed directly into the back of his car - but still managed to get out of the awkward situation which ultimately resulted in the victory.

The British driver believes Verstappen is at the top of the list of the riskiest drivers he has raced with over the 28 years he has had on the road. “I really had to work hard and just stay cool, which was really hard,” Hamilton said.

“In my life, I have raced with many drivers. In these 28 years, I have come across a lot of different characters. ” “There are a few (drivers) at the top who are… yes, across the border. The rules somehow don't apply, or they don't think about the rules.


Hamilton on Verstappen

Asked to clarify whether Verstappen falls into that category, Hamilton agreed, saying: "He crossed the border, for sure. I’ve avoided a collision so many times with that guy and I don’t always mind being the one doing it because you live to fight another day.

Which I obviously did, ”says the Mercedes driver. The seven-time world champion explained that he was not sure what Verstappen was doing in the moments before their clash. “Today I just tried to do my speech on the track.

I held the car between the white lines and (tried) to do it the right way. There were so many things thrown at us." "We won the pole (position), we lost it. Then I came back, then he crossed the curb: there were so many different crazy corners coming.

” “Obviously he tested the brakes to try to catch the DRS through the last corner to overtake me again in the 1st corner. Comotion. I thought I lost my wing, ”Hamilton told Sky Sports.