Verstappen: "F1 has been dealing more with penalties lately than racing"

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Verstappen: "F1 has been dealing more with penalties lately than racing"

Max Verstappen says after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix that he does not want this Formula 1, which "lately is more about penalties than racing" The two title rivals waged a fierce battle to win on the new street track in Jeddah and had several contacts.

Verstappen returned the position to Hamilton a couple of times after it was determined that he illegally gained an advantage off the track. Tensions reached their maximum when they collided in the 38th lap of the race on the approach to the last corner.

Verstappen slowed down to let Hamilton overtake him, who was reluctant to overtake the Dutchman or not and eventually crashed into his car. The stewards eventually punished Verstappen with 5 seconds for aggressively defending the position in corner 1, and he and Hamilton were called to the stewards to resolve the incident that occurred in the 38th lap.


Verstappen expressed his dissatisfaction with the penalty he received in his second duel with Hamilton when they both ended up next to the track: "Fortunately, the fans have a clear vision of how to race.

What happened today is amazing. I’m trying to race, and this sport has been more about penalties lately than racing." "For me, this is not Formula 1. But at least the fans enjoyed it, I did my best, but we were not fast enough.

But I'm still happy with the second place, "was Max's comment when he found out that the fans voted him the driver of the day. In lap 38, the racing engineer told Verstappen to ‘strategically’ let Hamilton on the exit from corner 22.

After Max slowed down in turn 25, Hamilton slowed behind him and then rammed into his Red Bull. Verstappen says he doesn't understand what Hamilton was doing: "I slowed down. I wanted him to overtake me, so I was on the right.

But he didn’t want to overtake me and then we touched. I really don't understand what happened there. " Hamilton said after the race that he also does not understand what happened in the situation in which he and Verstappen collided.

Earlier, the Briton accused Verstappen on that radio of deliberately braking in front of him. "I didn't understand why he suddenly braked in front of me and then I hit him. He then continued on, so I didn't quite understand what had happened. Then I got a message after that he should let me overtake him, which was confusing, "Hamilton added.