Verstappen: "I will not comment on the steward's decisions: they do not deserve it"

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Verstappen: "I will not comment on the steward's decisions: they do not deserve it"

The decisions of the referees at the Saudi Grand Prix were very controversial. In fact, Max Verstappen has a clear view that they don’t deserve to comment on them, while Lewis Hamilton believes he’s completely clean.

The race in Jeddah was extremely difficult. The two drivers in the title fight had ‘wheel-to-wheel had a contact several times. There were several attempts to overtake, some of which were off the track. However, the biggest incident happened when Verstappen received a message from the team to let Lewis Hamilton overtake him because he overtook him off the track.

However, there was no ‘normal’ overtaking here as the seven-time world champion slipped into the ‘tail’ of the Dutchman, and overtaking was expected as the Red Bull driver slowed down. On the other hand, there were accusations that Verstappen deliberately slowed down slowly in order to overtake Hamilton, and that he immediately had a DRS by the Mercedes driver.

In return, the Red Bull driver was given five seconds during the race, and an additional ten seconds after the race - a total of 15 seconds for the race. However, given the advantage he had over 3rd place, he remained in second place.

Throughout this story, the 24-year-old has clearly expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions he has received from the referees but believes that the punishments they have passed are not worthy of their attention. "I will not comment on the referee's decisions: they do not deserve it!" said the Red Bull driver at a post-race press conference.

"As for the incident in the first corner, I went deep, but Hamilton didn't pass the corner either," Verstappen said of the conflict with the Mercedes driver after the second start.


The Dutch driver also disagrees with the interpretation of the collision between him and the seven-time champion when he tried to regain his position.

He thinks it was the wrong communication with Lewis. “It’s the wrong communication with Lewis. From corners 22 and 23, I was already slowing down and moving to a lower speed. He was behind me, very close, and then we collided, ”he explains.

On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton offered the opposite version of events. “Before the DRS zone, Max was going very slow and I was confused. At one point, his speed dropped sharply, and then we had an incident, ”added the Mercedes driver.

“I am very grateful that we both did not end up off the track. I need to finish the remaining two races, which is hard to do in these circumstances. But I managed to keep the car in one piece, ”he explained. In addition, Hamilton defended his performance at the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia because he believes that his ride was "clean"

“I tried to stay clean, even though those around us were willing to take the race to any level,” the Mercedes driver said.