Max Verstappen believes in victory: "It's not over yet"

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Max Verstappen believes in victory: "It's not over yet"

Max Verstappen says he is very disappointed after losing a potential pole position in the Saudi Arabian qualifiers. The Dutchman was on a great lap, but made a mistake in the last corner and ended up in the wall. Verstappen was on his way to winning a pole position in the qualifiers for Saudi Arabia because after 2 sectors he had over two-tenths of an advantage over Lewis Hamilton.

But he made a mistake in the last corner, lost control, and ended up in the wall. "I made a terrible mistake, but the qualifications were generally good. It was hard to warm up the tires, but I knew we had speed and I showed that in the last segment."

"I really don't know what happened, but I blocked the wheels, I tried to keep the car on the track and finish the lap, but I 'hooked' the wall with the back end and I had to stop, "said Verstappen.

The Dutchman believes that he can fight Mercedes in the race tomorrow to win, although he says overtaking will be very difficult. "I didn't follow the car here, so it's hard to say, but I hope it will be fine.

But not only that, we don't know how the tires will behave. I believe. I would like to start first."

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"Now I'm starting third, it's harder but not impossible. It seems we can fight them. We did not have speed in Qatar.

The car seems to work better here." "I hope that tomorrow we will be able to follow the cars in front well on the track and then I think we will have a good chance to win. " After qualifying, Verstappen wrote on his Twitter profile that ‘the niche is not over’.

"I'm really disappointed with how the qualifiers ended, especially when you look at what kind of lap I had. But the car is fast and we will do our best tomorrow. Nothing is over. " There is concern about Verstappen’s gearbox.

Red Bull will assess the condition of his gearbox overnight and will decide whether to change it. If that happens, Verstappen will have to start 8 because of the 5-seat penalty he will get if he changes gears. But the Dutchman says it is still too early to draw conclusions because they do not know the condition of the gearbox: "I do not know. I stopped immediately. We'll see, "added Max.