Lewis Hamilton warns of Red Bull's speed in one lap

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Lewis Hamilton warns of Red Bull's speed in one lap

Although Mercedes was the fastest in the first two training sessions in Jeddah, Hamilton is wary of Red Bull's speed in one lap and says his team still has a lot of work ahead of them. Hamilton was the fastest in both training sessions on Friday at the opening of the weekend in Saudi Arabia, and in the second training session he had about 2 and a half tenths of an advantage over his main rival Max Verstappen.

However, the Dutchman has set his best time so far over the weekend on medium tires as Red Bull struggled to get maximum performance out of the softest, soft tire component. Hamilton is therefore cautious and thinks Mercedes has no advantage over Red Bull in one quick lap: "We are not fast in one lap compared to others, but our speed in the race simulation was not too bad.

Who knows what will happen? Like I said, we’ve made some changes between the two practice and I’m not sure which settings I’ll opt for, we’ll think about it overnight, we’ll work with the guys back in the factory to have good car settings for tomorrow."

"Definitely not a bad car, but like I said, Red Bull is very fast in one lap, so we have work to do, "Hamilton commented after the first day of the race weekend in Jedi.

Jeddah track

Hamilton also pointed out that the new street track in Jeddah is fantastic.

"Jeddah is incredibly fast, it's really incredibly fast. We have a lot of grip. If you find a rhythm, the track is beautiful. I noticed right away that the grip levels were very high from the first moment we got out on the track."

"I don't know if we were much faster or not in this (second) training. I think we were equal, our speed in the race simulation was similar, "added Hamilton. It is obvious that they are very careful in the Mercedes team because they are aware of how important the next two races are, which will decide the champion.

These could also mean the end of an era of Mercedes, which have been dominant for the past few years, and which no one could stand on. Still, Red Bull worked a lot on the car, but their driver Verstappen also showed quality and maturity when it was most needed.

Now it is crucial to show mental strength and confirm that he is the best this season. But there is still a little time left ..