Mercedes: "Success for the title is in our hands"

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Mercedes: "Success for the title is in our hands"

Mercedes believe the success for the title is "in our hands" after returning from Mexico where Lewis Hamilton had 19 points less than Max Verstappen. The seven-time world champion has won two races since then, reducing Max Verstappen’s lead to eight points with the two remaining races remaining until the end of the current season.

The Mercedes driver finished in the lead after the first day of racing at the Saudi Grand Prix, and the head of the German team was encouraged by the progress they have made. "We never give up, but after Mexico the odds were bleak in terms of mere probability," Wolff said.

"It's much better here, we have it in our hands and it's super exciting. Fun too, obviously with all the pressures that come with it. ” However, the boss of Mercedes knows that to win the title you need to win both races by the end of the current season.

"I am a person who deals with finances and therefore probability is always the basis of how I work, and probability is that the odds are against us. It is very simple, we have to win both races. This is a simplified summary, "he added.

"We are eight points behind, and we simply need to bring our A-game every weekend, as we did in Brazil and Qatar," he explains. "Only if we do that, we have a chance to win the championship. So, there is always a lot to play for, but from pure paper form, the odds are against us.



Although Mercedes has been more competitive in recent races, Wolff sees a lot of risk in the remaining races as winning the race comes down not only to the fastest car and fastest driver, but reliability also plays a big impact.

"In short, we did not imagine that we would play for the championship at that stage of the season. We had two fantastic racing weekends, and we just need to have more to fight for this championship. " Wolff is wary of Hamilton’s pace after the first day of the racing weekend at the Saudi Grand Prix.

"It's very difficult to say at this stage because Friday can often be quite wrong. You don't know which engine engines others use, and we've always seen the big strides of our competitors and ourselves from Friday to Saturday.

" "So that I don't want to jump as well as it went, nor be too worried. It's about getting through the business and getting to the car tomorrow that is as good as it can be, "Wolff concluded.