Max Verstappen: "Some were luckier to be in a better car"

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Max Verstappen: "Some were luckier to be in a better car"

The penultimate race of the 2021 Formula One World Championship is being held in Saudi Arabia this weekend. Max Verstappen has his first chance to secure his premier title, but he will need luck. His very good result and the poor performance of Lewis Hamilton.

And the Briton is in good shape, along with his W12 car. If he drives the streets of Jeddah as in Brazil and Qatar, Verstappen will find it difficult to prevent a new Mercedes celebration, and the decision on the champion, in that case, would fall in the final race of the season, in Abu Dhabi next weekend.

Prior to his first appearance at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia, Hamilton told the media that he was more relaxed than ever and that his vast experience in Formula 1 certainly contributed to that “I think it’s natural, of course, that you’re better prepared at this stage of your career than you were in the first or second season, for example when Lewis was fighting for his first title."

"It is a natural path and something completely normal. I also feel that I am much better prepared and much more experienced now than when I first came to Formula 1." "No, I don't think that makes a big difference because that difference would have been felt earlier in the season, ”Verstappen replied.

Fernando Alonso recently said that in his clashes with Michael Schumacher, he saw the German in a way as a teacher. Asked if he has learned anything from Hamilton this season, Max says: “Fighting Lewis was generally good for our sport.

The young driver goes against a proven world champion, multiple world champions. I think it's very exciting." "For me, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if I'm fighting someone my age or a world champion, you just know that they're both great drivers.

" “Some may have been a little luckier so they spent more time in a good car, but that doesn’t take away their status as great drivers and we always try to beat each other, of course. I think this has been a really cool season so far.


Interestingly, Verstappen also rejects the thesis of great pressure. He arrived in Saudi Arabia with an eight-point advantage but says he will enjoy the last two races no matter how the season ends. "This has been a great year for us.

We had a lot of good moments and enjoyed more than before. Last year was pretty boring for me because I was mostly third all the time, there wasn’t a lot going on." "It's not the way you want to race, but sometimes it happens when one team is very dominant.

” "I think we have turned things around this year, we have improved the car and the fact that we are fighting for the title to the end is very impressive on our part." "I will try to enjoy these final races. It doesn't matter where we end up. We had a really, really good season as a team, ”emphasizes Verstappen.