Fernando Alonso: "After Friday I will know what I can do"

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Fernando Alonso: "After Friday I will know what I can do"

Fernando Alonso believes he can have another good weekend in Saudi Arabia. The Spaniard hopes that the winning podium from Qatar can further move them to continue a good series at the end of the year. The two-time world champion and Alpine set off with a few unknowns on a racing weekend, but hope to tackle most of them on Friday at first contact with the track in Jeddah.

The Spaniard notes that this is a new experience for everyone because he is not yet sure if he can make a comparison (simulation), but that it will be clearer after the first day of the racing weekend. "It will be a new experience for everyone on the grid.

From what I’ve seen and talked to the team, it’s going to be a fast track. I'm not sure we can make a comparison yet. Maybe I could ask myself again after Friday when we finish the ride, "says Alonso. "As with any new track, you have to prepare well for the weekend and look at every detail.

We’ve already been on a few new tracks this year, so we have an idea of ​​what to look for." "But the new track can bring many surprises. You never know what might happen, let's hope we have another good weekend," he added.

Night racing

The Alpine driver assures that it will be special to race at night again and he is glad that night races are already a fixed part of Formula 1. “There is definitely something special in night racing. I raced at Le Mans and other categories where it is normal to race at night.

But you have to remember when we didn't have night races in Formula 1 and when the lights went out on Sunday there was something you didn't want to happen because it meant you wouldn't be able to continue racing.

" “I told the team in Qatar that I could have stayed there and raced all night and morning if they had given me enough fuel. We now have a lot of night races, and that's just part of Formula 1. It would be weird not to have them, "he said.

"You wonder what will happen in ten years, maybe something we wouldn't consider probable now. Sport is always evolving, not only on the track, but also off it, so it will be exciting to see what the next innovation is coming to our world.

” Alonso also touched on the results from the Qatar Grand Prix. Perfect performance at Losail is a great motivation for the team, both for this and for 2022. "It was amazing. The team deserved the result, and we did everything we could from Friday to Sunday.

We started very well in the race and when we took the positions, we were in a fight with Red Bull's Sergio Perez." "Everyone played their part in a perfect way, from entering pits to strategy and Esteban, who fought like a lion on the track.

" "We pressed like crazy to make sure we were third. I waited a long time, Hungary 2014 was the last time, so it was sweet to go back there, "he said.