Horner: "Winning the title would be the greatest accomplishment"

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Horner: "Winning the title would be the greatest accomplishment"

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says winning one of the titles in the 2021 season would be the biggest accomplishment for this team. Entering the last two races of this year’s championship, Max Verstappen holds an eight-point lead over Lewis Hamilton in the drivers ’championship, while Mercedes has five points more than Red Bull in the constructors’ standings.

The head of the Austrian team has no doubt that his team is better than Mercedes when asked and believes that winning one of the titles this year would surpass the four in a row they won in both championships from 2010 to 2013.

“As a team, yes, I think we’re [better than Mercedes],” Horner says. "We managed to combine this challenge: we have won several races so far, and we have had a few unfortunate circumstances along the way."

“Who has put Mercedes in this position in the last seven years? They have never been in this position, and we just enjoy the fight, the challenge, the competition, ”he explains. "If we manage to do this, even one of them (winning the championship) in Abu Dhabi, I think it will be our greatest achievement," he added.

In the last two races, Lewis Hamilton has taken the dominant victories: resulting in reducing the gap behind Verstappen to eight points in the drivers ’standings.


Still, Horner hopes the Dutchman will be able to win his first championship in Abu Dhabi as he gives Mercedes a certain advantage at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

"I think we can still do it. When you see how Max drove [in Qatar], I'm glad we're going to the last two races because we're in the knockout phase now. " "The track in Jeddah will be fascinating. We think it’s a high-speed Baku, so that might be interesting.

I think what really encouraged us [in Qatar] was that the speed in the straight[with the Mercedes] was in line with our car. That's encouraging for the last two races. " "Our simulations show that [Saudi Arabia] probably is an advantage for Mercedes on that track, but then we thought [Qatar] could play more on our strength… so what we know..."

Still, Horner adds that it will again be all in the settings and tires that need to be brought into the required framework. "I think it's all in the settings. It’s all about getting the best we can out of every bit of performance, the right settings, and finding the sweet spot."

"These tires are so sensitive and when you put them in a frame, you can really get a lot of performance, ”concluded the Red Bull boss.