Massa: "Verstappen is ‘ready to win’ after ‘stupid mistakes’"

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Massa: "Verstappen is ‘ready to win’ after ‘stupid mistakes’"

Former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa believes that Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is now ready to become a world champion after eliminating "stupid mistakes" The Dutchman made his debut in Formula 1 in 2015 (he was 17 at the time), and this season, for the first time, he has the opportunity to win the championship title after Red Bull prepared a competitive car.

Verstappen always impressed with his speed, but has often been criticized for his aggressive driving style which has resulted in incident situations on several occasions. The Red Bull driver made it clear in the 2021 season that he wants to win his first premier class title.

The Dutchman is the championship leader and is entering the last two races with an eight-point advantage over his biggest rival: Lewis Hamilton. The aforementioned duo often found themselves wheel by wheel during the season, and some of these situations resulted in serious incidents.

The first serious collision happened at the British Grand Prix, where Hamilton and Verstappen collided, and the driver of the Austrian team pulled out the thick end - he ended up in a barrier and hitting 50 G, while the Briton won the race.

The clash continued at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. There was a fierce collision again, but this time both drivers were left without results, ie the opportunity to win points.

Driving errors

However, Massa claims that Verstappen eliminated driving errors, which made him mature enough to win the world title.

“I think maybe in his first two, three years he was very inconsistent,” Massa told the F1 Nation podcast. "He was really, really fast all the time, he did amazing races, but he also made some stupid mistakes, like closing the car in the braking zones, nonsense that just gave him the impression that he hadn't matured."

“Maybe after the second part of the [2018] season, in his final year with Daniel [Ricciardo] at Red Bull, he simply changed his maturity,” he added. "He started to make much less mistakes, he started to follow the rules much more.

Even a year later, when he didn't have much competition as far as his teammate was concerned. I think he's grown a lot. " "Today I think he's really mature, fast, he's doing an amazing job, he also doesn't make mistakes - so he's ready to win," Massa concluded.

The title fight between Verstappen and Hamilton will continue next weekend at the inaugural Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah.