Perez: "I have no problem helping Max win the title"

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Perez: "I have no problem helping Max win the title"

Sergio Perez is fully faced with the idea of ​​playing a supporting role to help his team-mate Max Verstappen secure the driver’s title in the 2021 season. Red Bull have signed Perez for the current season with the idea that he will give Verstappen the helping hand needed to become world champion, ensuring that a two-car fight is waged against Mercedes so that the Austrian team can also fight for the title in the constructors' championship.

On the two races left until the end of the season, Red Bull’s plan is gradually being realized: Verstappen holds an eight-point lead over Hamilton, while Red Bull lags behind Mercedes in the constructors ’standings by just five points.

Perez has long been out of the cover image, so his only focus in all possible ways is to support Verstappen, something he has no problem with. "It's part of the game, Max is the one fighting for the championship and I have no problem helping him," Perez told Canal Plus.

"It's in everyone's interest. I don't mind, "he added. The Mexican got a contract extension for the 2022 season, which is a respectable achievement given that Verstappen’s previous teammates Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly failed to convince Red Bull of their performance compared to the Dutchman.


Although Perez has also not been with Verstappen often, he is satisfied with his form through the season so far. "Max is the driving force of the moment - he is very strong," admitted Perez. "It's not easy to be his teammate, but I think I'm doing a good job.

I would like to win more races, but I had to adjust to the team, "he explains. "It's a real process with such a competitive car. It took a little longer than expected to begin with. But you realize how hard it is to be successful when you embark on this sport.

There is no guarantee. There are so many good drivers and good teams that you have no guarantee that you will win any race. " During his career, Perez became known as one of the best mid-grid drivers in Formula 1 but is now in an intense title fight.

This is a whole new experience for the Mexican driver. Asked if this was the most stressful season of his career, Perez replied: “Yes, of course. Now the end is near, but there is still a lot to do. " "In other years, at this same stage, I no longer had anything to play for. But this season we are fighting for both titles and that is great, "concluded Checo.