Sainz: "Leclerc is the fastest driver of a single lap in dry conditions"

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Sainz: "Leclerc is the fastest driver of a single lap in dry conditions"

Carlos Sainz called his teammate Charles Leclerc "one of the best" Formula One drivers, after seeing how fast he is in one lap in the same car. Leclerc has been known for his speed during qualifying for a long time, but after witnessing the competition first hand, Sainz said the Monegasque is a “challenge” to win when determining the starting order.

Charles is ahead of his teammate with a 13-7 ratio in the 2021 season qualifiers so far, with Leclerc winning two great and unexpected pole positions, at the Monaco Grand Prix and in Baku. Sainz says he enjoys testing against the best and praises the way his new teammate is doing the job.

"I think Charles is the best in qualifying. He is one of the biggest, if not the biggest of those present in Formula 1 today, ”Sainz told GP Racing magazine. "I only realize that now when I see him express himself at extremely high levels," he added.

"I'm not just talking about his speed, but also the fact that he has a very good work ethic." "He is good at working with the team and to be honest, he has many advantages that make him such a strong driver.

It's a challenge that I enjoy and I know that there is probably no one more talented than Charles in the dry lap in Ferrari, "the Spanish driver is convinced.

Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc enter the last two races of the current season from the fifth and sixth position in the driver's championship, respectively.

The Monegasque has only a 6.5-point advantage over the Spaniard, and team boss Mattia Binotto confirms they are still free to compete under the same conditions in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Their combined performance over the recent triple weekend also led the Italian team’s drivers to help the team lift a 39.5-point advantage over McLaren in the constructors ’championship, as they were behind them for most of the season.

Now, near the end of his first season at Ferrari, Sainz said that he feels "completely at home" in Mexico with the team from Maranello, which is an additional motive for achieving the best possible result this year.

It can be seen that Ferrari have an amazing team, with two very talented drivers. Still, their cars are not at the level of Red Bull and Mercedes, but the question is what kind of success Sainz and Leclerc would achieve in the cars of those two teams.

Of course, Ferrari is also a top team, and they are showing this season that they could soon match the big two