Fernando Alonso set a new goal: His third title

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Fernando Alonso set a new goal: His third title

Fernando Alonso promises to do everything in his power and more to win the third title in Formula 1. In addition to his competitiveness, he believes it would be special because of the message he could send to future generations.

The two-time world champion climbed the podium after more than seven years. He managed this in his comeback year with Alpine. The Spanish driver took advantage of the racing weekend at the Qatar Grand Prix in a great way because he showed what adorned him in his earlier years when he came to victories, titles.

Alonso brought the French manufacturer to the second podium this season by finishing in third place on the Losail track, which, with the excellent result of his teammate, is a big step forward for the coming seasons. Fernando craved premier motorsport class, especially after spending some time in other series, which helped him gain more confidence.

All this coincided with the arrival of new regulations that will come into force next year, and from 2022 a new era of F1 will come into force. Therefore, the Spanish driver wants to stay on the grid as long as possible - at least until 2023.

"Oh, yes, I will be, even if the car is not good. My plan is to stay for at least another two or three years, ”admitted Alonso in the official Formula 1 podcast, Beyond the grid.

Third title

The two-time champion makes it clear that he wants to win a third title in Formula 1.

Alonso assures that he will give more and more to make it happen. "I want to (win) the third title and I will do everything in my power, and even more in the coming years," he added. This is not a goal that only suits his competitiveness.

He also sees this realization as important in terms of legacy. "It would mean a lot in terms of heritage when my time in Formula 1 is over, how to always push to the limit, how to find excellence in the things you do, have high discipline in how you race and how you approach racing," he assures.

"It's not that I'm desperate about it, and it will change my whole path or my way of looking at sports. As I said, I'm a competitive person - in everything I do, "he explains. "It doesn't matter if you are 19, 42, or 43, it is a way of life and a complete commitment to sports.

That would probably be the most important thing if I won the third title, that legacy and the message for future generations, "Alonso concluded.