Hamilton: "We haven't improved the car since July"

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Hamilton: "We haven't improved the car since July"

Lewis Hamilton claims that Mercedes has not improved its W12 since July. The impressive performance improvement comes from a better understanding of the car, not from the parts. Mercedes has achieved three victories this season before the UK Grand Prix.

All of those victories were achieved by seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. On the other hand, their biggest competitor Red Bull won six races. The Briton's rival in the title fight, Max Verstappen, recorded five victories - the sixth was brought by Perez at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

The Austrian team achieved five consecutive victories until Silverstone. However, things started to turn a bit in favor of Mercedes and Hamilton, respectively. The first sprint qualifying race was held at the British Grand Prix, in which the Dutch driver won the race and the pole position, winning three points, the Briton won two.

However, the first serious incident between the two drivers fighting for the title also happened at Silverstone. The ‘thicker’ end was pulled by Verstappen because he ended up in the barriers.

Fourth win

Hamilton continued the race and came away with a fourth win.

Lewis stood on a pedestal on the five occasions: from his home race on the top step of the podium to last week’s Qatar Grand Prix. Verstappen has achieved four more victories from the Great Britain Prize to Qatar. The seven-time world champion said on the Losail track that they did not have any part from Silverstone that would improve his car.

He assured that they understood the car better - which is the reason for its improvement. “We managed to get more performance out of the car because we understood it better. We didn’t have any new parts from Silverstone.

It’s amazing how we’ve found little things that go faster, ”Hamilton said in Qatar, as reported by RacingNews. “The lag behind Red Bull is minimal, so this was crucial in the title fight. We have improved our work in the last two races, and I hope that we will continue to do so in the last two.

" Verstappen is certainly furious after Hamilton took first place, and given the competitive spirit, he possesses he will not give up until the very end. This is his remarkable chance to win the title and stop Hamilton’s dominance and he is sure to take his task seriously and do his best to make history. It will not be easy, but in the end everything is possible