Prost: "Alonso is the best driver on the grid"

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Prost: "Alonso is the best driver on the grid"

Four-time Formula 1 champion Alain Prost believes Fernando Alonso is the best driver on the current premier class grid. The Frenchman is not only pleased with his performance on the track but also emphasizes his ability to read the race and convey truly valuable information to the team.

Seven years later, Alonso returned to the podium in Qatar. The Spanish driver surprised everyone with the pace he managed to maintain, as well as good tire management, which allowed Alpine to go for just one pit trip. Prost, who carefully follows what the two-time world champion in the French team is doing, believes that he is the best Formula 1 driver today.

"For me, he is the best driver on the grid. The overall vision he has of the race is amazing, as is his feel with the tires, the comments he gives about the car, and how he gives feedback to the engineers, ”Prost said.

The Frenchman admitted that he doubted Alonso's abilities when he decided to return to Formula 1. However, Fernando always insisted that he became a complete driver after going through so many different disciplines. Therefore, he is able to have a different vision with which he brings a lot to the team.

“Fernando always told me he had become a different person and I have to say he was right. He is completely at the service of the team, and that is very good for the team, ”added the four-time champion.


However, the former Formula 1 driver was surprised by the podium because they did not have the best performance in the last races.

Even Alonso called on the team to understand why the package works better on some tracks than others. Qatar suited Alpine’s performance much better, although the team was also afraid of tire bursts in the final stages of the race, something that happened to other drivers.

“It’s kind of surprising because we’ve had some awkward races over the last few weekends. Both drivers were pleased with the performance and balance. Fernando sent messages that are amazing, ”he added.

"On Friday, he said he would drive all night. Tire management and performance are there. We were worried about (the possibility of) the tires bursting at the end of the race. It might be very difficult without a safety car.

” Alonso's stand is a breath of fresh air, both for the Alpine and for the driver. Prost reminds us that no one knows what will happen next year, but small steps this season will help in the future. “I am very happy and this (podium) is important for the team.

No one is sure in 2022 in Formula 1, no one knows what will happen. We can't compare, we don't have any references compared to before. The project is focused on 2022. What we have done this year is a bonus, ”concluded Prost.