Hamilton backs Bottas after an accident at the Tuscan Grand Prix

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Hamilton backs Bottas after an accident at the Tuscan Grand Prix

Many blame Bottas for the accident that happened at the Tuscan Grand Prix race, but Bottas distanced himself by believing that the new rules related to turning off the lights are to blame "I’m not at all to blame for that,” said Bottas after the race.

“Everyone can look at everything they want but I was doing consistent speed until I went. Yes, I went late but we start racing from the control line, not before that, so the guys behind who crashed because of that, they can look in the mirror.

There’s no point whining about it." , as quoted by formula1
We’re allowed to race form the control line, [and that rule] has been there for a while I think,” Bottas added. “The difference this year is the Safety Car, they are putting the lights off quite late, so you can only build the gap pretty late on.

So of course, when you’re in the lead you try to maximise your chances… "I don’t know who decided what happens with the Safety Cars, but they’re trying to make the show better by turning the lights [off] later, so you can’t build a gap early and then go, like, a corner before the race start.

Maybe it’s time to think if that’s right and safe to do so”. Hamilton supported hin On the other hand, his colleague Hamilton stood by his side and said that he was not guilty at all and that the biggest mistake was made by the organizers.

It’s absolutely not Valtteri’s fault at all,” said Hamilton. “They’ve been moving the switching off of the Safety Car lights later and later and later. We’re out there fighting for position, and especially when you’re in a position like Valtteri, you’ve earned the position of being in the lead and then – obviously they are trying to make it more exciting but today was probably a little bit over the limit.

But he did exactly what anyone would do”. Bottas says he tried to do everything to catch up with his colleague Hamilton and be in first place, but failed “It feels like we had three races today,” said Bottas.

“The first part was really good – but it was pretty short. Once I lost the position to Lewis, it was really tricky to get it back... Obviously I tried everything I could. The middle stint, I was pushing really hard behind him, just trying to maintain a good distance.

But obviously when you’re behind, you need to slide the car more in the corners, so I ran out of tyres at the end and we had to go on the hard tyre.