Hamilton after his victory: "I am very grateful for these points"

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Hamilton after his victory: "I am very grateful for these points"

Lewis Hamilton took the victory at the Qatar Grand Prix and is so close to Max Verstappen, who has 8 points advantage in the driver's championship. The last two victories give confidence to the seven-time world champion for the last two races of the season, where the title will be decided.

The British driver won the race in which he dominated from the start until the end. His biggest competitor in the title fight - Max Verstappen - failed to get close to the Mercedes driver, and the German team responded to the opponent’s strategy to play it safe.

This move went well for Hamilton, who further reduced the gap. Lewis says he was lonely ahead - although he enjoys the fight. However, victory and points were much more important. "I was very lonely ahead, I enjoy racing with fights, but today we needed points.

(It) was a very good job with the pits, and also with the car, ”explains Hamilton.


The 2021 season is one of the most contested for the seven-time champion, so he is aware of how important it is to have just eight points behind Verstappen in two races by the end of the championship.

Hamilton is facing confidence with the last leg of the season, as he said that after the victories in Brazil and Qatar he feels better than ever. "I am very grateful for these points because this has been a great year.

Reaching this point and achieving a double victory is very good, and it is a great step for the next races." "I feel good, I am very happy, I am in better shape than ever. Thank you very much, Angeli, ”adds the Mercedes driver.

In addition, the race behind Hamilton is not missed as the British driver wants to see a replay to find out what happened to the tires. Drivers who had a Mercedes power unit under their chassis experienced a flat tire. In addition to his teammate, there were also George Russell and Nicholas Latifi - something he attributed to the curbs.

“I’m looking forward to watching the replay of the race to see what happened behind. I don't know why the tires were falling, certainly because of the curb, ”said Lewis Hamilton. You can see how important this victory is for Hamilton and how much he made Verstappen's job more difficult.

One thing is for sure: Verstappen never gives up and we will see if Red Bull can match Mercedes by the end of the season