Toto Wolff: "Red Bull seeing 'ghosts"

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Toto Wolff: "Red Bull seeing 'ghosts"

Toto Wolff is not worried that the FIA ​​has introduced stricter tests to check the flexibility of the rear wing after Red Bull's successful initiative, and says that the Austrian team sees 'ghosts' Red Bull has suspected for a long time that Mercedes ’rear wings bend more than allowed and claims there are signs of bending their wings.

Many publications have come up with a photo that allegedly shows the features, which Wolff called ‘shocking’. "Who provided that to the media?" That's shocking. Can you show me what you see in those photos? I can't see anything there but scratches.

These are ghosts. I don't know where this photo came from and what it actually shows. They see ghosts, ”Wolff said. After the qualifiers, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said Mercedes' speed on the straight was now 'under control', given the data they saw and that for the first time in a 'long time' Red Bull and Mercedes were equally fast on the straight-line.

"Did they show you photos or some speed data on the straight-line?" This is the track where engine power is less important. I think they did a good job. Their speed in the straight-line of the large rear wing is identical to ours.

I am happy that they are satisfied. Maybe in Saudi Arabia, I hear some comments again. "

Wolff on accusations

Wolff says he and Mercedes can no longer keep track of all the accusations and comments coming at their expense from Red Bull Camp.

"I can no longer follow the debates that are beginning. I made that decision for myself and for the team. It's hard for me to follow and comment on all the rumors they're making up. " Wolff also claims that Mercedes is not worried that the FIA ​​has introduced new tests for bending the rear wing.

"I think the FIA ​​is testing a new load test, this also applies to next year, to make these things more robust and to check how much the wing bends." "I don't think it's in the rules, there is no technical directive, this is more of an experiment.

It will be interesting to see the results because I think we are on the ‘good side’. But I don't know the results, I don't even know when they will do it all, "Wolff added. It seems that Mercedes and Red Bull will not give up the conflict and that both teams eagerly want a title for which there is still a little fight left.