Button: "Red Bull ‘doesn’t know what Mercedes is doing’ with the rear wing"

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Button: "Red Bull ‘doesn’t know what Mercedes is doing’ with the rear wing"

Former Formula 1 champion Jenson Button has a simple explanation for why Red Bull has not yet protested on Mercedes 'rear wing, although threats and accusations that Mercedes' rear wing is bending more than allowed have been the main topic in recent weeks.

Red Bull has been keeping a ‘one eye’ on Mercedes ’rear wing for a long time due to the dominant speed of the Silver Arrows ’on the straight. Red Bull was noticeably faster on the straight than Mercedes at the beginning of the season, but that balance of power changed drastically after Hungary.

Mercedes suspected Red Bull that their rear wing was bending too much, and the FIA ​​intervened, reacting with a technical directive. It didn't affect Red Bull too much at the time, as they tied 3 wins after the directive was issued.

However, Mercedes has been dominant on the straight especially in the last 2 races, and this was especially well seen in Brazil where Hamilton easily overtook the cars.

Button about the situation

Red Bull threatened to protest in Qatar if they saw similar behavior of the Mercedes car on the straight, and the protest in Brazil did not come because they ‘wanted to gather more evidence.

Jenson Button, who is now an expert commentator on Sky F1 television, has an interesting theory as to why Red Bull has not yet lodged a protest against Mercedes' rear wing: "I don't think they know what Mercedes is doing.

I think Mercedes has found a smart solution because they've improved the speed a lot, and you can't get that with horsepower alone — unless it's 50 hp. ” "That solution is therefore very smart and I think Mercedes screwed them up here.

Red Bull is otherwise very good at understanding flexible parts of the car — especially the parts in the front of the floor. I remember that while I was racing against Red Bull in the past, "said Button. Another former Formula 1 champion who now works as Sky expert commentator Damon Hill believes Red Bull will file a protest against Mercedes ’rear wing if they are defeated by the Silver Arrows this weekend in Qatar.

"I think they will have to prove their words soon. This is understandable, but I don’t think you can fabricate accusations without proving or silencing them. If they lose here, I think they'll go to the FIA ​​and say 'we're protesting' — if they're really that unhappy about it, "Hill said.