Red Bull will protest against Mercedes' if they see 'same illegalities' in Qatar

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Red Bull will protest against Mercedes' if they see 'same illegalities' in Qatar

The Red Bull team is ready to protest against Mercedes' rear wing if they see signs in Qatar of what they consider 'illegal' Red Bull has the theory that Mercedes ’rear wing deforms on the tracks after reaching speeds in excess of 260 km / h, thus reducing aerodynamic air resistance and significantly increasing its speed on the tracks.

In the last race in Brazil after the qualifiers, Verstappen ‘fumbled’ on the rear wing of Mercedes, which he compared to his own, and Red Bull said that Max felt a “significant difference” in relation to his rear wing.

Red Bull in Brazil did not want to protest because they wanted to get more evidence, but it could happen in Qatar. "The problem is that it's hidden in the way it works and the camera finds it harder to spot. If we see it here in the car, we will protest.

" "You saw the speed they had in the straight of Mexico and Brazil. In Brazil, everyone saw that this was not normal. And yes, Mercedes had a new engine, which improved their performance. "

Straight speed

"But when you're 27 km / h faster in the straight, and when you see the endplates of the wings (in the frame) that appeared there due to the bending of the wings, it is very clear to us what is happening here."

"It's the FIA's job to make sure they follow the rules. If they do not follow the rules, then you file a protest if you believe that one of the competitors is not following the rules." "We will monitor the situation.

The protest will depend on the development of things over the weekend, on what we see, and what the analyzes show us. But this does not only apply to this track but more to the other two that are coming. " "We know that Mercedes paid a lot of attention to our car during the season, and we do the same.

The stakes are high. We just want equal treatment, "Horner said. Horner says that Red Bull from Hungary started noticing Mercedes' 'strange' speed on the straight. "This is a technical sport, and in the last 3 years, we have seen an exponential increase in their speed on the straight.

Just look at the statistics. See what speed Mercedes had in the last two races. In Mexico, they were 14 km / h faster than us on the route, and 27 km / h faster in Brazil. "