Alonso and his relationship with Hamilton: "It’s colder than it used to be"

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Alonso and his relationship with Hamilton: "It’s colder than it used to be"

Fernando Alonso admitted that his relationship with Lewis Hamilton is currently colder than it was. The Spaniard claims that the lifestyle of the British driver has distanced them in recent years. The two-time champion explains that it was clear to both Hamilton and him that McLaren’s management in 2007 was not ideal and that at the time they were both still young and extremely competitive.

After that year as teammates, they stayed in touch, but over the years their relationship became colder. "We talked in 2008, 2010 and 2011, and in those years we were closer than ever because we realized that in 2007 our bosses did not manage very well." "At that time we were both young and very competitive, the end of 2007 was easy, we both respected and understood each other a lot, ”says Alonso.

“We have this relationship with respect now, but it is colder than it was. We have different opinions about different things and Lewis has a different way of life than some of us, and that is what separates us, ”he insists.

Title fight

Alonso finds the title fight between two different drivers and two different teams very positive for the sport. The Asturian prefers this type of fight to the artificial one between teammates with a car far better than the others.

“It’s good for the sport in general, we all love a real fight, not an artificial one between teammates. In some races it went well for Mercedes and in others for Red Bull, but the fight will be decided in Abu Dhabi, and that should be Formula 1, ”he explains.

The Spaniard touched on the new Mercedes driver line-up for 2022: Hamilton / Russell. Fernando hails the young Briton’s great work at Williams but notes that comparing him with Lewis is something else entirely. The Spaniard believes the difference will be smaller than it was with Valtteri Bottas.

“In these two years as far as I’ve seen racing, George has done great things at Williams, but when it comes to fighting Lewis, I don’t know how it’s going to go." "Although George did a very good job, Lewis is a legend, a great champion, it is never easy to beat him, no matter the talent.

It will be tighter than with Valtteri, but I think Lewis will be the advantage of Mercedes in the beginning, ”concluded Alonso. We will see if Russell will cope in the new environment, but given the quality of the team and his personal quality he should have no problems