Wolff warns: "Mercedes ’motivation is greater than ever"

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Wolff warns: "Mercedes ’motivation is greater than ever"

Toto Wolff assures that Mercedes has gained confidence, motivation, and determination after all the obstacles they had to face in Brazil and that they are entering the race for the Qatar Grand Prix very motivated. Lewis Hamilton made as many as 24 overtakes at the Brazilian Grand Prix during the previous race weekend to come away with the win.

The Silver Arrows driver was forced to overcome a five-seat penalty for changing an internal combustion engine, followed by disqualification for a technical malfunction with the DRS. However, according to the boss of Mercedes: all these obstacles they experienced at Interlagos resulted in them becoming even stronger and gaining more motivation than ever.

"Last weekend in Sao Paulo was a triumph through adversity and I couldn't be more proud of the fighting spirit of each individual of our team." "Our determination grew stronger with each failure, and this team became more united with each challenge that stood in our way, ”says Wolff.

Moreover, the head of Mercedes believes that Hamilton's victory at Interlagos will be remembered for many years, and he assures that the team has never lost sight of its main goal: winning the title. "Lewis has achieved an impressive victory, which will rightly be talked about for years to come.

For us, that victory is just one important step on our path, and our goal is clear." "However, Saturday's disqualification and possible loss of three points does not alleviate the desire to fight for the championship, "he added.

Bottas performance

The Austrian also wanted to highlight Valtteri Bottas ’weekend. The Finn won pole position in the sprint qualifying race, while in the main race he reached the podium. "As for Valtteri, he had excellent performance over the weekend.

His victory in Saturday’s qualifying sprint race and podium on Sunday showed the strength of our driving lineup; their teamwork was fantastic, ”he admitted. But Mercedes want to put Interlagos behind it and focus on Qatar.

For the first time in history, F1 cars will drive on the Losail track, so the preparation and data they collect in free practice will be more important than ever. "We are arriving in Qatar for a new challenge, a completely new track for F1 and one on which we are looking forward to racing.

We have prepared the best we can for the new track, and the need to make the most of our learning from the first training sessions will be as important as ever, ”he explains. The race in Qatar brings to an end an intense triple weekend in a row: on one Hamilton won and on the other Verstappen.

The result of this weekend will be important, and maybe crucial for the championship. For this reason, Toto wanted to make it clear that they do not feel tired and have high motivation.