Fernando Alonso: "This kind of dominance is wrong for F1"

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Fernando Alonso: "This kind of dominance is wrong for F1"

Fernando Alonso says it is completely wrong for the premier class to be dominated by a combination that includes the seven-time world champion and his team: Mercedes. The achievement made by Lewis Hamilton in the qualifying sprint race, and then in the main race at the Brazilian Grand Prix, provoked different opinions in the Formula 1 paddock.

The way the British driver rumbled down the track was fascinating, and that superiority was helped by the car he owns, especially relating to his new powertrain. The double champion, who was a teammate of Hamilton at McLaren, was quite shocked to hear that the Briton managed to win.

"Everyone was surprised. The driver gets a 25-seat penalty and still wins the race, ”says Alonso. After disqualifying from the qualifiers, Hamilton had to start the qualifying sprint race for the last place. However, it did not bother him to walk lightly to fifth place, he was penalized for five more places for the main race due to a change of engine, but in the end, he won with a fantastic ride.

"The supremacy this weekend has been phenomenal. It’s not like this is new in Formula 1. They won seven world championships because of this superiority, it’s just that." "It is now up to us, the other teams, to catch up and improve our package, our engine, and our aerodynamics, ”he explains.


Brazil needed to show that the cars are pretty close to each other. However, that did not happen. The Mercedes with Hamilton was inviolable. He believes that Qatar already knows in advance what it will look like. "No sport should function like that.

As a driver, it looks very wrong, what you see. We are all professional race drivers. We are all dedicated to our sport. We train a lot, we work in a simulator, we risk our lives every time. " "But still, we are a lap lower in every race, and for Qatar, we know that in advance.

This is the only sport in which something like this happens, "he continues. Accordingly, Alonso says the new rules for next year, which are designed to change the map in Formula 1, are extremely important. In addition, he adds that he knows how to have the superior car he had in the WEC.

"People are trying to make the sport a little fairer. I don't know if we will succeed. Two years ago I had the privilege of sitting in a Toyota at the WEC and having such a superior car." "But when I think of children who enter this sport, and then see how one car precedes two others in only one direction, they lose hope that one day they can be champions themselves, "said Alonso.