Ferrari cautious despite the advantage over McLaren

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Ferrari cautious despite the advantage over McLaren

Ferrari wants to stay on the ground after a new victory over its biggest competitor in the fight for 3rd place in the constructors' championship - McLaren. The Italian team was again the best of the others in the last race that drove for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz finished in 5th and 6th place, respectively. In addition to winning 18 points in the main race at Interlagos, Ferrari won another point (Sainz) on the race weekend, more precisely in the qualifying sprint race, because he finished in 3rd place.

Their rivals - McLaren - managed to win only one point, and Lando Norris came to it. The result of this is that Ferrari has a 31.5 point advantage over the Woking team in the remaining three races. The Ferrari boss explains that this is an important advantage they have achieved with the help of the reliability of their engine, but notes that it is not over yet.

"Sure, it's an important difference, but there are three more races to go," Binotto explains. "I am very pleased with the way the team has been consistent in running the race itself, the strategies, the stops in pit, but also - and here I am touching on it- the reliability."

"Reliability was a key element [in that fight], which was important," the head of the Italian team stressed.


Brazil’s grand prize was the fourth race in a row in which Ferrari beat McLaren, and Leclerc believes the momentum is on Ferrari’s side.

"We definitely have good momentum. We have to keep working as a team and keep trying to do the best [we can] every weekend, ”explains Leclerc. "Looking at the last two or three races, we seem to be a little stronger than them, so we hope to continue like this."

Sainz, meanwhile, believes a strong result would bring McLaren back into the fight for third place ahead of a trip to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, tracks he believes will suit the Woking team. "Definitely, we see that we have a healthy backlog and advantage.

But it's not over yet. They (McLaren) only need one strong weekend in one of the last three races to suddenly return to a good position. " "I think Qatar and Saudi Arabia are tracks that will go very well for McLaren.

Therefore, we must remain careful. " Ferrari is cautious, but it is obvious that they have more quality than McLaren this season