Hamilton recalled the race from his youth and found this to be his toughest weekend

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Hamilton recalled the race from his youth and found this to be his toughest weekend

Lewis Hamilton says his victory in Brazil was ‘like his first’ and he called the whole weekend at Interlagos ‘the hardest in his career. Hamilton won the pole position in the sprint qualifiers, but after that, the cars went downhill for Mercedes and the seven-time Formula 1 champion.

He was excluded from the qualifying results after the illegality of his DRS was established (the opening was 0.2 mm bigger) of the allowed 85 mm). But the luck in the accident for Hamilton was that it happened to him during the sprint weekend.

In the sprint race, he broke through from the last position to the fifth in 24 laps but started 10th because he had to serve a 5-place penalty for changing the V6 internal combustion engine. The Briton had a lightning start in the main race, and in the 19th lap he was already second and set out in pursuit of leader Max Verstappen.

After both drivers did their second and final tire change, Hamilton was about 1.2 seconds behind the Dutchman. Hamilton attacked Verstappen in the second DRS direction, but the Dutchman defended very aggressively on the brakes and they both ended up on the grass, but Verstappen kept the leading position.

But it was clear that Mercedes was in Hamilton’s hands this weekend much faster than Verstappen and his Red Bull, so a few laps later at the same spot, Hamilton overtook the Dutchman and disappeared into the distance.

Hardest victory

In the end, Hamilton celebrated a convincing victory with a 10.5-second lead over his main rival for the title. "On the eve of this weekend, I did not believe that we would reduce the backlog as much as we did today.

Things went against us. But I think this shows that you should never give up, no matter what you face." "You have to keep fighting, you must never give up. That’s how I approached this weekend and I got inspiration from it.

But this victory is my first because I haven't won for a long time, "said Hamilton. Hamilton says that this weekend, despite an outstanding victory, was the hardest in his F1 career. "I pressed as hard as I could.

I started last, and I also had 5 penalty places. I think this has been the hardest weekend of my career. But my father reminded me of 2004 when I was driving Formula 3 in Bahrain." "I started last and finished 10th, and then I finished 1st.

This victory is for my father, ”said Hamilton. With the victory in Brazil, Hamilton reduced the gap behind Verstappen to 14 points, and by the end of this extremely tense season, there are only 3 races left.