Wolff: "I don't care what Red Bull thinks, we're legal"

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Wolff: "I don't care what Red Bull thinks, we're legal"

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is convinced of the legality of the W12 car after facing Red Bull protests, adding that he doesn’t care what their biggest competitor in the title fight thinks. The Austrian claims that after the changes were made on the rear wing, which was done after the qualifications, the car of the German team is completely legal and calls on all teams to protest and to check if everything is in order.

When Red Bull boss Christian Horner was asked if they planned to protest, he replied that they had left the door open although he stressed that he would not do so in this race. Faced with these suspicions, the head of the Silver Arrows assures that they have nothing to hide.

Wolff argues that it is part of Formula 1 to analyze parts of other cars, investigate them and protest to the FIA ​​over their legality.


Prior to the Red Bull protest, the Austrian assures that their car ‘respects’ all the rules of the current regulations and therefore has no problem with any complaints from the other team.

"I don't care about Christian's opinion, it's part of the game to watch parts of other cars and go after them. You have to be skeptical and maybe a little paranoid, and we’re fine with that." "Our car is completely legal and we like to drive it on any track.

It can be said that it is completely legal after the qualifications because the back wing did not pass the tests due to a small fracture, "Wolff explained. "The car is faster because we have less aerodynamic air resistance, and the drive unit is new.

That makes a big difference. The concept is focused on top speed, just like before." "People are free to protest, we will even offer them the back wing to put it in their museum," says the head of Mercedes. On the other hand, the head of Red Bull sees the need for the FIA ​​to declare where the highest speed that Mercedes had this weekend comes from.

The Briton believes in the FIA ​​and in all the tests they do to check that legality. "It's important to know where that speed comes from. Apparently, they had a new engine, but they were going with a downforce from Monaco when he overtook Max.

It’s something we have to understand, and it’s all up to the FIA. We trust them, their testing and their investigation, ”Horner said.