Lewis Hamilton: "It's not over yet!"

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Lewis Hamilton: "It's not over yet!"

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton said after the qualifying sprint race that he was not nearly alluding to not giving up the title, while the Mercedes boss expressed himself in a somewhat strange way because of the words spoken.

The seven-time world champion set the fastest time in the qualifiers, due to which he had to start from the best starting position in the sprint qualifying race. However, Hamilton was excluded from the results of the qualifications for the sprint race after it was determined that his DRS did not comply with the technical regulations.

The irregularity around the British DRS was noticed by the FIA ‚Äč‚Äčtechnical delegate Jo Bauer when he inspected his car. After that, Hamilton had to start the sprint race for the last (20th position). The driver of the Mercedes overtook four drivers in the mini race at the beginning and after the first lap, he was already in 16th place.

He continued his fantastic progress. He lined up - he overtook - one driver at a time, like on a movie tape. With a new engine, Hamilton looked like almost no one was driving in front of him. Towards the end of the sprint qualifying race, he overtook Ferrari's Charles Leclerc, followed by an attack on McLaren's Lando Norris.

Lando couldn't defend for long, so Hamilton overtook him - which meant he finished in 5th place.


After crossing the finish line, the seven-time world champion received great support from the pit wall. “Great job Lewis.

Really great job today. That's fifth place. " After that, the boss of Mercedes spoke up, who gave support to his driver, but in a somewhat unusual way. “Lewis, a brilliant job. (It is) a limitation of damages. Fu** them all, "said Toto Wolff.

This was followed by Hamilton's reply in which he made it clear that nothing was over. "It's okay. It's not over yet, "Lewis Hamilton said via a radio link broadcast by F1 in his video. The seven-time world champion, after reaching the fifth position in the sprint qualifying race, will start the main race for the Brazilian Grand Prix from the tenth place, because he has a penalty of five places for the changed part of the driving unit.

The race is still going on and it’s getting tenser. At Mercedes, they are not giving up and want to continue their series, but they are aware that it has never been harder than it is now.