Alonso vs Hamilton: "I hope we will fight for the title again"

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Alonso vs Hamilton: "I hope we will fight for the title again"

Fernando Alonso says he hopes to fight for the title again against former teammate Lewis Hamilton in the years to come. The two have been synonymous for rivalry since 2007, and the Spaniard briefly touched on what happened that season.

Alonso and Hamilton were teammates at McLaren, the seven-time world champion at the time had his debut season, in which they both fought for the title against Kimi Raikkonen, who was then driving for Ferrari. The two of them did their best to finish ahead of each other in 2007, which led to intra-team conflicts, so the Finn further ruined their plans because he took his first and only title in his career at the same Brazilian GP.

Alonso believes that neither he nor Hamilton is to blame for the internal chaos of that season, but he claims that McLaren could not deal with the situation correctly at the time. The Spaniard has fond memories of his rivalry with the Briton and would love to fight for the title against Hamilton again in the future.

"I always say that we were both badly guided that year. We had a very competitive package… like Ferrari, but it was not at our level." "But well, we both have good memories and I hope, why not, we can fight for the title again, ”admitted Alonso at the FIA ​​press conference ahead of the Brazilian GP.

Candidates for title

On the other hand, Alonso does not dare to put his hand in the fire for either of the two candidates for the title this year. The Alpine driver sees the fight between Max Verstappen and Hamilton as very equal and feels that on each track their teams are also quite evenly matched.

Therefore, their fight will be very interesting as a neutral spectator. "It's impossible, they are very equal, one goes better on one track and the other goes better on the other. Of course, it will be interesting from the outside, ”concluded Alonso.

This year's Hungarian Grand Prix brought with it a small ‘deja vu’ rivalry between Alonso and Hamilton on the same track where the tension exploded 14 years ago. The Spaniard defended himself from the British with 'teeth and nails' - doing a top job that allowed his teammate Esteban Ocon to reach his first victory in Formula 1.

Alonso managed to keep Hamilton behind him for ten laps - which was crucial for the Mercedes driver not to overtake French.